Place your machine anywhere you like at affordable rates! 


You've already taken the first step, let us take care of the rest.

Will my equipment fit through my door?
Will I be able to fit it into a specific room? 
Can I disassemble the equipment?
How heavy is the equipment?
These are questions we hear time and time again so in order for the highest level of customer satisfaction we introduce our White Glove Delivery Service. Why worry more than you need to, You've already done the hard part let us take
care of the rest. 
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What it covers 
  • Disassembly to fit through tight doorways and hallways  
  • Lifting up flights of stairs 
  • Placed in desired location and an official demo of how the equipment is used

 Qualifying States For White Glove/ Machine Installation

 currently our white glove installation service is only for local deliveries within an 80 mile radius.

Out of state installation coming soon!