Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial Gym Equipment


Affordable name brand gym equipment,
for cross-functional commercial gyms.


Leasing helps keep your gym outfitted with
the most modern equipment at the lowest cost.


New Life Cardio offers one of the best
maintenance programs in the industry.

Commercial Gym Solutions

Why Choose New Life Cardio Equipment?

New Life Cardio Equipment specializes in providing name brand commercial gym equipment for hospitality, multi-family housing, corporate fitness, private clubs, medical & wellness, YMCA/JCCs and more.

New Life Cardio offers the most affordable commercial gym equipment sales and leasing programs. Our brand is synonymous with value, and our inventory consists of name brand equipment. Our gym planning expertise will be elemental in helping your team to create a cross-functional, dependable, and safe facility. This includes the proper placement, grouping and spacing of all cardio machines including exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and rowers. It is our core goal to help your team launch a professional grade gym on any size budget.

Sales & Leasing

Before making decisions on the type of commercial gym equipment you want for your gym, think first about whether buying or leasing is the best option for your organization. Both options come with their own distinct advantages.

Sales: Buying commercial gym equipment may be the best solution for your needs, especially if your gym is provided free of charge for employees in situations such as corporate or hospital gyms. Hospitals will generally provide both a therapy or recovery gym for patients and a different facility only for employees. These types of non-revenue generating gyms don’t have competition, so buying commercial gym equipment that will be a permanent fixture in these gyms may make perfect sense.

Providing a gym for employees can have added benefits when scouting for new employees and is a bonus for existing employees who are more likely to stay fit and therefore have less work-related ailments and sick days. There is also the added benefit of lower insurance costs when employees exercise in an employer provided commercial gym, insurance providers are more likely to give preferential discounts for companies who provide these facilities for their employees.

Buying commercial gym equipment outright is a smart solution for the right situations, if you are not sure if buying is the right solution for your situation then contact New Life Cardio today. Our salespeople have years of experience in the gym equipment industry and are exercise equipment specialist, who are here to give you most accurate and detailed information available. Our goal is to help you create the best gym for your needs and your budget, we only want to sell you what you need and will strive to give you the best deal.

Leasing: Leasing commercial gym equipment gives you financial flexibility with added benefits. Since you don't have to pay the entire cost of the gym equipment upfront, you have the financial flexibility to add more exercise machines into your gym without budgetary buying limits. Buying your gym equipment outright means that it will be on your gym floor for a long time, while this might be a great solution for non-membership gyms not connected to revenue, it can cause a competitive disadvantage for those gyms that are connected to revenue. Leasing allows gym planners to focus less on cost and more on value of the gym machines in your facility.

Leasing allows you to offer the most modern commercial gym equipment (latest and greatest), which makes your gym more competitive and your members happier. Most gym members get bored using the same equipment, and those avid members looking to increase strength and lose weight know that happens faster when using different machines that help to change-up workouts.

In most cases monthly lease payments can be deducted on your tax returns as an operating expense. Driving down the overall cost of your lease and driving up the value. Accounting will be happy to hear this, we're guessing.


Once your equipment is installed, remember that gym equipment needs to be properly maintained to ensure every piece of equipment is ready for your gym members. New Life Cardio offers one of the best maintenance programs in the industry, so you can be confident that your equipment is ready for use. You also want to ensure that you have the best warranty available, and can trust the company you have purchased or leased from to fully honor your warranty.

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