About New Life Cardio

Cheaper Than Any Competitor!

New Life Cardio Equipment is a wholesale liquidation outlet for manufactures. Our machines are either ex-showroom model units or units that were scheduled to be recycled for some minor reason. For example: When a boxed treadmill comes into a store, if the box is damaged the retailer does not want to sell this item because they are afraid that the machine is damaged as well. Rather than recycle the machine immediately, the retailer sends the machine to our liquidation outlet. We assemble it and make sure it works 100% and then it is offered to the public for much less than retail.

What Is Our Product Lifecycle?

Machines are offered to the public at a liquidated price for approximately 30 days before they are sent back to manufacturer for recycling. No items sold have been in our outlet for more than 30 days!

What Is Our Product Warranty?

All liquidated machines have been tested and still have a 3 yr exchange / parts warranty. They have zero ownership miles, only showroom miles. View machine conditions descriptions for more information.

How Long Have We Been In Business?

New Life Cardio Equipment has been in the business for over 7 years. Our knowledgeable staff has over 35 years combined experience in the fitness industry so we know first hand how challenging it is to acquire quality fitness equipment at reasonable prices. That is why we've built our business culture, and committed ourselves to serving the community, by offering fitness equipment at lower prices than any other company GUARANTEED! If we can not provide the lowest price on (or off) the web on any item, we simply won't SELL IT! That's the NEW LIFE CARDIO EQUIPMENT GUARANTEE! -Cheers to Health & Happiness


About New Life Cardio

Customer Testimonials

I'd like to thank Mr. Mike personally, he offered me an unbelievable price for a used bike in amazing condition!! They made the process easy and simple and my bike was delivered just hours after I purchased it. Great Experience at New Life Cardio! Great experience with Mr. Mike.

Nadyne B.
Lawndale, CA
5-Stars - 8/29/2019

Top Name Brands

Every single week we have received truck-loads of exercise equipment from the top name brand manufactures in the US. This has allowed us to become the number one exercise equipment liquidator in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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