About New Life Cardio Equipment

As we celebrate our 10th year in business, we wanted to look back at our history and highlight the person who brought us to this point. Our company’s journey begins in much the same way that our customers journey begins, with a vision for better things.

Our Founder Max Hany Mikhail is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on fitness training. Max (aka Mike) has a long history in the fitness and nutrition industry and is passionate about helping our customers begin their fitness journey by purchasing the right exercise equipment. Anyone who has ever spoken to Max knows that his passion is not in making a sale, but rather for our customers, which is a much different experience than most people are expecting. That is the main reason so many of our customers give us glowing 5-star reviews on Yelp.

Max’s whole-health approach to fitness empowers individuals to gain control over living a healthy and fit life. His fitness training can be adapted to everyone from soccer moms to elite athletes. Incorporating his knowledge of training techniques and for the everyday person. This same approach is shared throughout our company and is embedded in our company culture.

Our hope is for the success of our customers journey to a healthy and prosperous life, and for our employees to take pride in doing their part to make New Life Cardio Equipment a compassionate and helpful company. In the end if we learn to support each other, we can live together in health, harmony and peace.

How Can We Sell So Low?

New Life Cardio is a liquidator for cardio equipment manufacturers. Our inventory consists of name brand cardio equipment, with boxes that were damaged in shipping. While the machines are perfectly fine, they cannot be sold as “brand new” due to their damaged boxes. Our technicians assemble them and conduct rigorous testing to assure they meet the highest-quality standards. They are then ready to sell, in perfect working condition but without a box. Without the box you save up to 50% off the manufacturers original retail price. We built our reputation on quality and price, and are committed to offering fitness equipment at lower prices than any other company. If we cannot provide the lowest price online for each our products, we simply won't sell it. That's the NEW LIFE CARDIO COMMITMENT!


Customer Testimonials

I'd like to thank Mr. Mike personally, he offered me an unbelievable price for a used bike in amazing condition!! They made the process easy and simple and my bike was delivered just hours after I purchased it. Great Experience at New Life Cardio! Great experience with Mr. Mike.

Nadyne B.
Lawndale, CA
5-Stars - 8/29/2019

Top Name Brands

Every single week we receive multiple truckloads of exercise equipment from the top name brand manufactures in the US. This has allowed us to become the number one exercise equipment liquidator in the US.

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