Which Cardio Equipment Is Best for People with Knee Pain? (2022 Guide)

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Working out with knee pain can be difficult and finding the best cardio equipment for bad knees can be much harder. But not anymore. Here is the list of equipment cardio equipment that can be used even if the user has bad knee pain.

Rowing machine:

It offers a full-body workout and is low impact which makes it ideal for knee pain. Rowing is a great way to get the heart rate up without putting too much stress on your joints, and most rowing machines come with adjustable resistance levels so that the users can adjust the resistance according to their liking making it easier on the knees, they can make the workout as intense or as easy as they like. 

Furthermore, most rowing machines have padded seats and footrests, which can help to lessen the impact and protect their knees. Magnetic and water fluid rowing machines like Carbon R10 Rower are much safer and are easy on knees and other joints.

Vibration Plate:

Vibration plates has gained popularity, especially among people with mobility and knee issues. The concept behind these devices is that the vibrations help to accelerate blood flow and improve joint function. Vibration plates are effective for all muscle groups. 

The vibrations from this machine help to activate the muscles, resulting in a more intense workout.

Principally, exercisers can keep their muscles activated even without vigorous resistance training or cardio. Because of that, vibration plates offer a low-impact way to exercise that can be beneficial for people with bad knees and joint issues.


Treadmills like Nordictrack Elite 900 treadmill are an exceptional option for people with bad knee pain, as they offer a low-impact workout and can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.  For instance, walking robustly for 5-10 minutes is now being encouraged and recommended as a treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

Physiotherapists now also recommend walking and light running on treadmills to relieve stiffness and alleviate inflammation in the knees. Most treadmills now have adjustable speed options and incline settings so that the exerciser can control the intensity of their workout.

Stair stepper:

The stair stepper can be a godsend for those who have knee issues or joint problems. It is necessary to have adjustable clothing for the workout.

Unlike other cardio equipment that rely on impact to get the heart pumping, the stair stepper uses an unchallenging movement that is easy on the joints. And since the exerciser can adjust the intensity level, it is a great way to get a workout without putting too much stress on the knees. On the whole, climbing on a stair stepper feels like a low lunge without the added pressure and balance issues.

Furthermore, the stair stepper is an exceptional way to improve movement and mobility. By moving the legs in a range of directions, users will help to keep their joints flexible and less stiff.

Elliptical Machine

It can be best machine for some people who are suffering from knee pain or are recovering from knee injury or knee replacement surgery. This low-impact cardio equipment provides a tremendous workout with less joint stress.

Start with the ideal active wear to conduct smooth, circular motion is kind on the knees unless they have a throbbing inflammation, and the built-in handles provide support and stability. Moreover, ellipticals may often come with adjustable resistance options so that the users can tailor their workout to their fitness level. 

Recumbent Bike:

A recumbent bike is harmless and gentle on the joints. If someone have chronic knee pain, the recumbent bike is generally better. It is low impact and gives strength to the muscles without strain.  Just wear the right attire, don’t have to worry about losing their balance either. Here are a bunch of reasons why a recumbent bike like NordicTrack Commercial vr25 is best:

  • The seat of it is large and well-cushioned, Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about the knees getting hurt.
  • The pedals on a recumbent bike are closer to the ground than on a traditional bike, making it easier on the knees to push and work
  • Exerciser can adjust the resistance level on a recumbent bike to adapt the workout to what their body can currently do.

Which Cardio Machine Is Best for Knees?

Knee pain sufferers are aware that they may feel good one second and in severe pain the next. Sometimes, even the smallest movement can send agony shooting down the leg, leading to crippling situations. Unfortunately, inactivity brought on by knee pain can lead to weight gain, which eventually makes the knee discomfort worse. With the correct exercise equipment, patients with mild to severe knee discomfort can still engage in some activity, according to their doctor's guidance.

Those who want to exercise while having knee discomfort should think about low-impact training solutions. Patients should seek out activities that have less of an effect because even going for a walk outside might make knee discomfort worse.

People with knee pain generally find that they can walk without any discomfort using a treadmill than they can while walking outside. They absorb some of the impacts of each step, providing relief and less strain on the knee.

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