How to lose weight by using an exercise bike

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An exercise bike can be a great tool to get into shape, especially if you have joint or mobility challenges. The motion of riding a bike is gentler on your knees and ankles than the pounding that comes with a treadmill or elliptical. Even if you don’t have joint pain, an exercise bike can still be your ticket to getting in shape and losing weight if you ride it consistently. Here are some ideas for how to lose weight with an exercise bike:


1. Ride steady

Exercise bikes are very forgiving when it comes to long workouts. You can add or take off resistance and go as slow or fast as you want. Because you’re sitting, it can feel less like work than other types of exercise equipment. Aim for 30-60 minute rides at a steady pace to start burning calories that can lead to weight loss.


2. Add resistance to your workout

Working out at a resistance level that elevates your heart rate is an effective way to lose weight with an exercise bike. Play around with the different settings to find where you start to feel like you’re getting some resistance. Stay there or a little higher for most of your workout. You can also do hill climbs, where you slowly build your resistance over the course of your work out. Make sure to do a good cool down afterward to loosen your leg muscles.


3. Do speed intervals

Working out at a steady pace has cardiovascular benefits, especially compared with being inactive, but to lose weight you need to add some speed to your workouts. Warm up for 2 minutes at a comfortable pace, then increase your speed and resistance slightly, to a point where you can carry on a conversation with minimal difficulty. This is your base level. Now, add even more speed and sprint for a minute. Go back to your regular level for a minute, then repeat. If you’re a beginner, start by doing this for 5 rounds, lowering your time to 30 seconds if needed. As you get stronger and build more cardiovascular endurance, do more intervals until you’re working out for 45 minutes to an hour total.


If you don’t have one at home, now’s a great time to get an exercise bike. Make sure to buy the right exercise bike to meet your fitness goals. If you have lower back problems, a recumbent bike might be better for you, since it is slightly elevated and gives your back some extra support. If you’re looking for a more grueling workout that mimics the feel of a road bike, look for a spin bike or an upright exercise bike.

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