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ProForm 2014 Tour De France® Centennial w/ Google® Maps

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ProForm 2014 Tour De France® Centennial w/ Google® Maps
The World's 1st Virtual Reality Workout!
  • 7" Full Color Touch Display
  • Google Maps® Virtual Reality
  • Intelligent Wind Resistance

Retail Price: $2,499

Our Price: $1,250

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Accelerate your performance on the official training bike of Le Tour de France: The ProForm® TDF Centennial. Powered by Google Maps™ and engineered with stunning 20 percent incline and decline capability, a built-in power meter, and SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance-this is the only training bike with the technology, intelligence, and power to take you to the summit.

Additional Information

The quest to create an indoor cycle with a smooth, flowing sensation was perfected by ProForm's engineering team, many of whom are cycling enthusiasts. The foremost goal was to simulate the combined resistance from four major factors that affect road cyclists: body size, wind resistance, road grade and tire contact with the road, known as rolling resistance. ProForm's team met its goals with Intelligent Wind™ Resistance technology, and combined with iFit™ Technology and 20% incline to decline, distinguishes this cycle from all bike trainers, indoor cycles or stationary bikes.
Exercise Programs
21 Pre-drawn maps of all 2014 tour stages. Ride key sections of all 2013 Tour stages, starting in Corsica, through the grueling mountain stages, and ending in Paris. Go from spectator to participant. Or, you can log on to iFit® and draw your own cycling route anywhere in the world to train for your next race. Watch Google Maps Street View of your route.
iPod® compatible with two 2-inch speakers onboard. Built-in wireless makes the ProForm Le Tour de France bike “smart fitness” equipment and part of “The Internet of Things” trend
Maximum User Weight Capacity
350 lb. weight capacity
With the horizontally and vertically adjustable saddle you can find your perfect fit.
New ergonomics and geometry to give the fit and feel of a road bike. Power Meter Display (watts) with SMR® Silent Magnetic Resistance. Universal adjustment for seat forward, seat aft, handlebars and more. Adjustable or interchangeable saddle and pedals. Freewheel when not pedaling. 30 configurable electronic gears integrated on drop down handle bars. 7-inch color touchscreen console with built-in Wi-Fi -- displays Google Street View and connects to internet. iFit® technology enables cycle to automatically adjust from 20% incline to 20% decline and mimic the terrain of any map drawn with Google Maps. Pre-drawn and pre-loaded Google Maps Street View maps of select sections of all 21 stages of the 2013 Tour, enabled by iFit technology. iFit membership and app lets you record an outdoor ride, sync to iFit, then re-ride the route with Google Maps Street View and iFit-enabled incline/decline adjustments. Shockingly quiet.

Configurable Gears - The new bike also features 30 configurable electronic gears to accommodate preferences for double, triple or compact cranks.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, the non slip handlebars cut down on fatigue so you can ride longer.

ProForm's smooth ride comes from electronically controlled touchless magnetic brakes or resistance, which assures the resistance does not change with use, and provides ”repeatable resistance” from ride to ride.