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Life Fitness 9100 Upright Bike

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Life Fitness 9100 Upright Bike

Retail Price: $2,345

Our Price: $487

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The Life Fitness Lifecycle 9100 Next Generation recumbent bike is a top-of-the-line and most favored commercial exercise bike. The Lifecycle 9100 Next Generation offers you great reliability, longevity and superb ease of use. The smooth belt drive system is quiet, durable, and virtually maintenance-free. This model has ergonomically correct seats with a supporting back rest to ensure comfort and posture. This Lifecyle is also compatible with Polar Telemetry Heart Rate Monitors.

Additional Information

Unit Weight
80 lb


Professional Performance: Engineered in the tradition of the Lifecycle trainer health club model that's has been logged more than a million miles serving of the world's most demanding fitness professionals.

Biomechanically Correct: Ergonomic design positions rider's knees directly over the center of pedals, reproducing the natural cycling position for greater comfort and safety.

More Programs: Latest model features five exciting programs—FIT TEST, HILL PROFILE, RANDOM, RANDOM, MANUAL, and new RACE Program to simulate an actual 12-speed racing bike.

Five easy-to-use programs provide variety and challenge for users of every age and fitness level:

Fit Test: provides 3-minute measure of cardiovascular performance during exercise; tracks progress without a personal trainer.

Hill Profile Program: applies interval techniques to assure the best cardiorespiratory workout and greatest improvement in aerobic fitness in minimum time.

Race Program: makes the Lifecycle stationary cycle handle like a real 12-speed racing bike. Lets you select gears and race for time distance against yourself or others.

Random Program: lets computer offer randomly selected combinations of light and heavy exercise as a result of variations in pedal resistance. Over one million combinations are offered in an interval training format.

Manual Program lets you select a constant, steady-pace workout with fixed resistance.

Gentle Start: Level 0 program automatically cuts beginning resistance by 25%

Motivating: Digital display provides continuous feedback, tracking elapsed time, total calories expended, calories burned per hour, total miles ridden, pedal speed and workout summary.

Responsive: Change exercise levels instantly at any time during your workout.

Convenient: Pause feature lets you stop for up to 10 seconds, then resume without losing information on the display console.

Sleek, Attractive: Appearance complements any surroundings.


Dimensions: Bike: 23” W x 41” L x 54 ¾” H.

Unit Weight: 80 lbs

Power Requirements: No (Self- Generating)