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Expresso Fitness S2U Exercise Bike

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Expresso Fitness S2U Exercise Bike
The Expresso Fitness S2u makes you feel more like you are playing a video game than exercising. A cardio experience that's so fun and engaging that it will keep you coming back for more! Interactive workouts bring the adventure of outdoor riding indoors. Personalized training features help you achieve greater fitness. Dynamic content keeps your workouts fresh. Captivated by stunning graphics, realistic rides and in-ride games on over 30 virtual courses, you will quickly forget you are exercising. It's cardio, only way cooler.

Retail Price: $5,195

Our Price: $2,200

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The Expresso Fitness S2u makes you feel more like you are playing a video game than exercising.
Riders of the S2u can choose to ride in an off-road environment with new Expresso Chases.
This revolutionary form of "exergaming" lets riders decide where they want to ride and what they want to do resulting in a unique and exciting experience every time!
The first Expresso Chase, Proving Grounds, takes place in a fantasy world based in ancient Asia. Riders pick up coins and follow easy game-play rules to chase dragons and score points.
By using simple strategies, they can improve their performance and score by the time the clock runs out they've gotten a great workout and barely noticed the time.
Like the original Expresso bike, the new S2u motivates users with a rich, interactive training environment and provides fitness enthusiasts with tools to keep improving their cardiovascularr strength and overall health.

Additional Information

Expresso Fitness
State-of-the-ar​t software with a 17-inch LCD screen.

Readouts: Heart Rate, Power, Time, Calories, Distance, RPM, Gear, Grade, TV, Audio

Connectivity:​ RJ45 10/100Base T port LAN Ethernet
Assembled Dimensions
24 x 66 x 50
Unit Weight
1 lb
Steerable handlebars, a shifter and a sleek steel frame that, when combined, create a single piece of fitness equipment designed to fully engage both the body and mind.