As popular fitness centers look to spice up their boring routines some have turned to the good ol' treadmill to bring innovation to the fitness floor. We'll take a look inside the new-old craze that's reinventing itself and giving your spin class a "run" for it's money... The Treadmill Workout!

While most runners only hop on a treadmill when the weather requires us to, many boutique studios like like Barry’s Bootcamp have reincarnated the dread-mill by incorporating them into the group fitness experience. The trend is certainly on the rise and even larger fitness facilities such as Equinox have joined in on the fun. With the launch of their signature treadmill class, Precision Running (designed by popular trainer David Siik), you can find many group fitness fanatics getting their runner’s high on the gym floor with this interval based HIIT class nationwide. Crunch fitness clubs have offered Tread N’ Shred classes within their gyms since 2001 and on Nov. 3 will bring back their own Mile High Club treadmill classes.

John Henwood, a former Olympic middle-distance runner from New Zealand and a running coach based in New York who will be directing the Run studio, is confident the studio model will translate. “SoulCycle showed us this concept works,” he said. “The boutiques are where it’s at these days.”

One of the first treadmill studios popped up in the late 1980s in Los Angeles at the Martin Henry Fitness Studio in West Hollywood. But once big-box gyms like Crunch opened, with resources to hire teachers and offer a more diverse fitness experience, Martin Henry closed. Boredom and repetitive injuries were other factors in the rise of the full-service gym, according to Donna Cyrus, Crunch’s senior vice president of group programming.

The addictive feeling of success is what we all know to be one of the many hidden gems locked inside running. So simply knowing that many more people will experience this feeling via group fitness makes me so happy – looking forward to a world of stronger runners worldwide. This trend is certainly here to stay – people will never stop running!