With only a day left until 2015 there is no time like the present to begin your New Year’s Resolution. Jump start your health and well-being goals today by experimenting with a new variety of cardiovascular exercises and determining what can fit best into your New Year’s Resolution plans.In reality, cardio can be achieved by using exercise equipment such as an elliptical, stepper or a stationary bike. However, these options can add a little extra fun to the traditional workout routine.

Indoor Cycling-- Gyms and boutique studios have been working hard to diversify the popular "sitting on a bike." A 45-minute spin class could burn on average of 350 calories but as much as 500-600 calories depending on how hard you work. Bonus: Many of these spin classes are have moved away from a traditional endurance ride by including an arm strength component. Studios such as Swerve in NYC have even added a competitive element by introducing teams.

Rowing -- A 45- to 50-minute rowing class can burn upwards of 700 calories, which is twice as much as spinning. Since rowing requires proper form, every stroke requires you to work your entire body -- pretty much every single muscle group. Gyms such as Equinox have introduced group fitness classes involving the row machine and boutique studios such as City Row and Throwback Fitness in NYC, RowZone in Philadelphia, and RowFit Chicago are growing in popularity.

Jump Rope -- Jump roping for as little as 10 minutes has the potential to burn about 100+ calories. The jump rope is an easy "no excuses" home or travel workout option, happens to cost less than $10 and is super fun when you add different tricks. If you want a little more than just a basic jump rope, check out Cross Rope. It is a cool interchangeable weighted jump rope system that is appropriate for all levels.

Swimming -- Swimming laps for approximately 30 minutes burns between 250-350 calories (depends on the intensity), provides a total body workout, and is easy on the joints. Pools are available at most gyms, YMCAs and recreation centers. So check out these options that add a lot more FUN to the traditional workout routine. Let us now which ones you may consider adding to your routine for the New Year...