We all have problems shopping for that one person. This year think about giving a healthy gift. They can range from moderate to minimal expense, most of these will save a life, extend a life and make you feel a lot better.

Exercise Equipment- Ellipticals – Treadmills – Bikes
My favorite is the elliptical , it is much easier on the joints, no pounding like there is with treadmill, it works arms and legs whereas a bike works legs. Cost can really vary. Some good quality manufactures – Precor and True are 2 of my favorites. Most important decision point is do you have a good place in the house to position it. In my opinion most important position item is that it is right in front of a TV. Easy to use if you want to work out 30 min while you watch the news.

Home Blood Pressure Monitor-
Omron is a good company. Their 10 series is very good. It is an upper arm monitor which is what the medical profession sees as the gold standard. This is a great gift for anyone with a family history of High blood pressure. High Blood pressure is a silent disease so home monitoring is great.

Breathometer Key Chain-
This is a great gift or stocking stuffer for your college kids. This is a portable breathalyzer that is quite accurate. The sell it as a key chain as well. This is a great thing for young adults to have. Reinforces making smart decisions when out at the bars. Peer pressure is now made objective data, so the individual who has had a few drinks can test his alcohol content.

Nike Fuel Band-
These are great wearable monitors that track your steps, calories burned, sleep patterns. They allow you to compete with friends, great peer pressure to encourage exercise. Cost around $100, look for the price to come down as man A simple inexpensive gift is a magazine subscription. Men’s Health Magazine- or Women’s Health Magazine both good choices. Reinforces monthly healthy living, gives great news and updates. Add a healthy cooking magazine and each month they are reminded to exercise and eat healthy.