If you’ve used any of the cardio machines in a gym such as the treadmill, the elliptical trainer or the stationary bike then you might have assumed that it would cost a large amount of money to get a piece of equipment of this type for your home. The reason you might have made this assumption is that the fitness equipment in the gym is for commercial use and is therefore more robust and kitted out with all kinds of features and settings to suit every type or trainer and their specific needs.
The good news is that buying a piece of home cardio equipment needn’t be an expensive ordeal and if you are prepared to shop around and reduce your expectations a little you can get a great piece of home gym equipment at a low price.

Why Do Cardio at Home?
Before you decide to hand over your hard earned cash for something like this you should be clear on exactly why you want to do cardio exercises at home. There are loads of great reasons to do so though so if you have the space and the budget then getting one of these machines can really increase the amount of time you have available to train as you care no longer constrained by the opening hours of the gym or the weather outside being suitable. Some reasons for choosing to workout at home include:
*Being able to train at any time of the day or night whenever you choose *Not having to join a gym and pay expensive membership fees or travel back and forth each time you want to train *Make it easy for the whole family to improve their fitness or lose weight by providing them with an exercise machine *Do something else at the same time as exercising such as watching TV, reading or even some work at your desk!
The above are just some of the great reasons as to why you might want to start doing cardio training at home as opposed to the gym. But now the question is what type of home exercise equipment should you go for and how much will it cost? The Best Home Fitness Equipment
As I mentioned earlier in this article the cardio machines you might be familiar with from the gym are of a commercial standard and are designed to be used non-stop for many years by all types of people of different abilities and sizes.
You probably don’t have the budget or the space at home to install a full sized commercial treadmill and there is no need for you to do so as your goals can still be achieved on a more modest piece of equipment.
If you must do running training then the budget treadmills won’t be as good as the commercial versions but they are still worth looking into but if you really want the best value for money home fitness equipment then you should consider getting a small or folding exercise bike. The reasons you should consider getting a folding stationary bicycle is that they offer the best combination of low cost, high quality and minimal space requirements.
The Advantages of Exercise Bikes
Exercise Bikes are a Great Option. So if you really want a piece of home exercise equipment that is easy to store away when not in use and won’t take up half of your living room when you are using it then you should definitely consider a folding exercise bicycle. If you are on a budget they are great because they can be purchased for as little as $300 for a well-regarded model with lots of positive customer reviews. These compact exercise bikes are easy to setup and move around they are great for those who want to vary the places they do their cardio such as in front of the TV, looking out the window or even out in the garden when the weather is nice.
Other Convenient Home Cardio Solutions
Mini Steppers for Home Cardio Training
These devices take up even less space than the folding stationary bikes but are a little harder to use and require quite a bit of stamina to master. But these are good things as it means you are getting a great workout that can really help to tone your upper legs as well as burn those unwanted calories. They are also probably the cheapest option so along with taking up the least space they also cost the least.
Elliptical Trainers
A home elliptical trainer at a price that will suit most budgets is never going to be a good as the commercial grade elliptical trainers you will find at a gym but for a reasonable price you can still get a good value product that will suit those who don’t like running, cycling or rowing but still want to get fit without overusing their joints. Something like the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer doesn’t cost too much and gets good reviews from happy customers and is definitely worth a look if you feel that one of these machines will get more use from you than the other types of home cardio equipment.
The Best Home Cardio Equipment for You
As you can see there are lots of options available when it comes to choosing a piece of home cardio equipment and they all have their pros and their cons but at the end of the day the best machine will be the one that you will use the most.
There is no point getting the most expensive treadmill if you aren’t going to use it and would’ve been better off with a $100 mini exercise bike you would’ve used a few times a week.
So when it comes to making your choice, be honest with yourself and pick one that is likely to get the most use! That will give you the BEST value for your money. Which cardio machines are you using for your home gym? Let us know in the comments below...